Why? Why are we doing all of this?

You are what you eat… you know the saying.

Yet still, the overwhelming majority of people do maintain the healthy and nutritional lifestyle that they should. Everyone knows that consuming products with added sugar, preservatives and flavor enhancers, is not healthy. Neither is rewarding our children with sweets and soft drinks.

So why does the majority of the population do it?

Is it faster? More convenient? Or perhaps cheaper?

Although unhealthy food is not a continue...


According to nutrition experts, because of the high sugar content and energy, the best time of consumption would be in the morning.
Too much fruit sugar consumption in the afternoon, can lead to a breakdown.

Juicy fruits belong simply to our daily consumption, it is extremely well integrated into a healthy diet. Rich in fiber and vitamin content, which helps us in many areas of the body to help maintain balance. The majority of dietitians' moderation do warns us of grapes and banana consumption and mainly seasonal, fresh, fruit should be taken.


There are very important vitamins, minerals and plant pigments in the vegetables, which are providing a very good impact on our health and contributes to some civilization diseases (prevention of cancer, cardiovascular diseases).
It it´s is also very important to consume vegetables because, this way we can supply or body with more water, whereas in some vegetables there are up to 70 - 95 % of water. Thanks to the high fibre vegetables consumption their contents of obesity, vegetables are an important tool for prevention.

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