Why Us?

You are what you eat… you know the saying.

Yet still, the overwhelming majority of people do maintain the healthy and nutritional lifestyle that they should. Everyone knows that consuming products with added sugar, preservatives and flavor enhancers, is not healthy.
Neither is rewarding our children with sweets and soft drinks.

So why does the majority of the population do it?

Is it faster? More convenient? Or perhaps cheaper?

Although unhealthy food is not adirect cause of death, continuously putting your immune system to the test, over years or even decades, always leads to the same results: allergies, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and so on. The true cost of an unhealthy lifestyle is paid for later and perhaps that is why so many people do not value their health sufficiently in the present. In numerous European countries, this is a serious problem.

At Frugary, we believe that people are waking up and have a sincere interest in a healthy nutrition. It is necessary to remember the important link between man and nature; food cannot be manufactured, it has to grown and cultivated. For the past ten years, the Frugary team has worked towards this. All the while, reliability, quality and customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our company. Try us out!


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